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Taxi Driver Amsterdam

Bestel een Taxi 020 2611345

Taxi Driver Amsterdam - For a cheap Taxi / Cab price to the Airport - Friendly and Helpful - 


Need a Taxi cab in Amsterdam?

We bring you with our comfortable Taxi to your destination in or outside Amsterdam. We drive all Taxi rides in Amsterdam, short or long, it does not matter to us. We are fast at your location and tell you beforehand within what time you can expect us!

Cheap Taxi to Schiphol Airport

For a cheap Taxi price we bring you from Amsterdam to Schiphol Airport. We can also pick you up by taxi from Schiphol Airport for the same price.

Friendly and helpful  

We are friendly and helpful. We are always ready to bring you to your Taxi destination in or outside Amsterdam. We take care of your luggage, and if necessary we will help you carry your luggage to/from your apartment. 

Contact Taxi - 020 2611345 - 

Call us for ordering a Taxi on 020 2611345 or email us at Reserve a taxi is also possible. Want to find a quote for a Taxi ride? Call or email us.